Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to deliver specialist electrical services at The Passage – a rapid response assessment hub aimed at helping rough sleepers in London. 

The Passage offers a wide range of services to meet the varying and complex needs of rough sleepers in Westminster. Its aim is to help individuals address the issues that have contributed to them being – or are keeping them – homeless and to enable them to move on to live safe, happy and fulfilling lives. The charity is based in St Vincent’s Centre, which underwent a complete refurbishment in 2014/15. 

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd will deliver a new lightning protection system at St Vincent’ Centre. This will safeguard the centre and its users in the event of an electrical storm.  

PTSG is the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services. This includes bespoke and standard system installation, test and inspection and maintenance. It also encompasses surge protection and specialist earthing systems. 

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