An announcement has been made by the Housing Secretary, Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP confirming a new cladding fund. As the UK’s leading provider of specialist services that are dedicated to the protection of people, property and places, Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) welcomes the announcement.

Th announcement by Mr Jenrick detailed £3.5bn of new funds that will guarantee no private leaseholders pay for cladding removal or remediation in buildings over 18 metres, or six storeys, high in England.

But flat owners in blocks of four to six storeys – or 11 to 18 metres – will have to take out a loan to remove cladding, which will be repayable at up to £50 a month.

Mr Jenrick stated that in buildings under six storeys high, “the risks are significantly lower and the remediation of cladding is less likely to be needed”. He went on to say “the risk to life in buildings is actually very low”.

While the funding cannot be viewed as a panacea for the issue of unsafe cladding in the UK, it will go a significant way towards securing safety in high-rise residential buildings.

PTSG Fire Solutions Ltd is the fastest-growing of the Group’s four business divisions. Pure Power Ltd, which delivers fire suppression maintenance solutions, was recently acquired by PTSG. This strengthens the PTSG’s offering even further, enabling the Group to deliver a comprehensive fire solutions – including security systems.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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