Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is lending its expertise at Aberdeen Music Hall, which is undergoing a £8.7m transformation.

The city’s category ‘A’-listed music hall has been undergoing a transformation since Spring 2016, which is set to continue for the remainder of 2018. Work includes an underground excavation to expand the basement, freeing up space on the ground floor for a new creative learning studio, cafe and bar. There will also be three lifts, allowing access from basement to balcony for the first time for people with limited mobility. Fundraising and creative learning projects are currently being prepared for the re-opening in December.

For PTSG’s part, engineers from the Group’s fall arrest division are supplying and installing four 10-metre systems to the internal loft area of the 200-year-old music hall. Such systems are put in place to provide an operative with the maximum amount of freedom and movement when working at height; at the same time they allow building maintainers to reach the edge of a rooftop, where a fall is possible.

Fall arrest is just one of the niche specialist services provided by PTSG. The Group also specialises in the areas of electrical services, building access and fire solutions. Clients often benefit from a combination of these services or products, which can save them a considerable amount of time and money.

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