Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has completed a specialist building access project at a major residential tower block in south-east London.

Argento Tower is a 22-storey tower in Wandsworth providing 112 one-bed and two-bed units and commercial space at ground level. Palladio Court comprises seven storeys and consists of 47 studio/one-bed affordable units.

A team from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd carried out the replacement of a double-glazed unit to a flat on the twelfth floor. This was done using a truck-mounted work platform. One engineer was tethered to the work platform, with another positioned inside the flat. A safety film was installed to prevent any falling debris and protect the safety of everyone in the immediate area – the first priority of PTSG in all jobs.

PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd delivers a number of high-level services for clients including specialist cladding cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof and masonry repairs, painting and decorating and specialist doff steam cleaning. Its glazing replacement and repair service is growing quickly, with recent contract wins in London, Milton Keynes and the south-east.

Using specialist rope access techniques and equipment, PTSG is well placed to offer excellent workmanship and speedy delivery to replace, repair or restore glazing to residential or commercial buildings.

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