Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Electrical Services division has received an order to complete a lightning protection installation at Lambeth Palace Library in London.

Located in the grounds of Lambeth Palace and founded in 1610, the building is one of England’s oldest public libraries. The site holds over 200,000 books and around 600 medieval manuscripts.

PTSG is the UK’s leading lightning protection business and is a proud member of the Association of Technical Lighting & Access Specialists (ATLAS). Its Electrical Services division has vast experience in utilising a range of access solutions to design, install and test lightning protection and earthing systems for a multitude of clients on a wide range of buildings.

This is especially important on old sites like this one, where extra care must be taken when accessing high levels so as not to damage the structure and to ensure that the system installed does not detract from its overall appearance.

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