Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is to provide specialist fire solutions for Wandsworth London Borough Council for a further two years.

The agreement will see PTSG’s engineers carry out the maintenance of dry riser systems for a number of buildings in the London borough – a service that the company provides for similar organisations UK-wide. Districts within the London Borough of Wandsworth include East and West Putney and Roehampton on the west side and Shaftesbury and Balham on the east.

PTSG offers a tailored service for a range of fire prevention and suppression systems in a variety of public and private buildings. From initial design and feasibility, through to installation, testing, replacement, maintenance and certification, the company’s highly skilled team provide a complete fire protection solution to ensure that customer facilities remain safe and compliant. The company has built a strong reputation for providing a thorough and high-quality service, which is vital when the stakes are so high.

PTSG strives to delight its customers and places customer service excellence alongside safety as its two primary objectives. That is why its all-time-high contract renewal rate of 88 per cent is a source of immense pride.

Image: Commons Wikimedia

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