Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has been contracted to provide specialist electrical services at the legendary Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire.

Despite being called “Elstree Studios”, only one studio has ever been located in Elstree itself, the remainder residing in the adjacent town of Borehamwood. When the studios were being established, Elstree was significantly larger than Borehamwood. Nowadays, Borehamwood is larger, but the old names have remained in use.

Alfred Hitchcock made Blackmail (1929), the first British talkie at the studios in 1929. At the end of the silent-film era, six new sound stages were built; three of these were sold to the British & Dominions Film Corporation. BIP became Associated British Picture Corporation (ABPC) in 1933. During World War II, the studios were used by the War Office for storage.

Engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd are currently on site installing a new lightning protection system comprising two steel units, to safeguard the building and user in the event of an electrical storm. PTSG is the UK’s leading provider of lightning protection services. Its engineers have the capability of designing and installing new systems, as well testing and maintaining lightning and surge protection systems to ensure they comply with the latest British standards.

Image: AnemoneProjectors. Shared under Creative Commons License.

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