Building safety equipment, or fall arrest installations, are essential to ensure operatives remain safe when carrying out their work at height, preventing them from falling. Fall arrest equipment typically includes a full body harness, lanyard, and anchor point. The equipment is used to protect workers from serious injury or death in the event of a fall.

Architects, specifiers and contractors must include fall arrest equipment as part of a new building to ensure it is legally compliant with regulations. Similarly, older structures, which may have undergone extensions, must be made legally compliant through retrofit fall protection.

PTSG Access & Safety Ltd. is the original business division of Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG). We are the UK’s leading installer of fall protection products, delivering solutions for customers in all kinds of industry sectors. Our experienced and highly qualified engineers deliver the full range of fall arrest equipment. We work with other key elements in the supply chain to design access strategies for new build projects, refurbishments, retrofits and heritage buildings.

As well as the full range of installations, we also offer a consultancy service, risk assessments, supply PPE and end-user training.

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