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What is a davit?

A davit forms part of an overall building façade access solution. It looks like a simple, small crane or gallows and consists of two main parts: the portable davit arm and the base plate or pedestal.

On buildings with isolated strips such as stairwells or for roof-mounted applications where it is not possible to provide parapet protection, davits from PTSG Access and Safety Ltd provide a low-cost, effective and extremely discrete anchor system to be used in conjunction with either a self-hoisting platform or rope access techniques.

The benefits of PTSG’s solutions

PTSG can supply aluminium davit systems for use with self-hoisting platforms or rope access techniques utilised in areas of restricted access to small areas of façade. It allows the user to work at height across a wider areas of the facade without having to re-position themselves, saving them valuable time and reducing unnecessary hassle.

Classified as rope access and fall arrest devices in appropriate situations, davits can be very effective alternatives to large building maintenance units (BMU) or window cleaning cradles. This is because they enable rope access technicians to change their position more easily and access areas not possible with the use of a BMU.

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