has released an article discussing the advantages of sprinklers as fire protection systems. The article entitled ‘Sprinkler Systems VS Smoke Control: The EN 12101-5 Approach’ assesses the effectiveness of these systems working both separately and in conjunction with one another.

Sprinkler systems are a popular method for reducing the risk of fire spread in a plethora of different buildings. A sprinkler system aids the fire brigade by ensuring that the flames remain small and don’t rise to a point of danger or create a risk of death for those in a close proximity.

The article recommends “the adoption of a fire-engineered approach that determines what’s appropriate on a site-by-site, situation-by-situation basis”, recognising the effectiveness of sprinkler systems in controlling fires and allowing them to be extinguished by firefighters with minimal damage to a property.

Premier Technical Services Group PLC’s (PTSG) Fire Solutions division designs, supplies, installs and commissions quality fire sprinkler systems for commercial and residential buildings in accordance with the BS9251 standard.

The Group’s fire protections systems are a cost-effective method for ensuring complete fire safety, and the flexible installation teams can provide the perfect system for any building type or layout.

PTSG helps clients across the UK meet the demand for dependable safety systems, with a comprehensive fire protection provision comprised of the installation and maintenance of wet risers, dry risers and sprinkler systems, emergency lighting and fire extinguisher services.

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