Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is to provide specialist electrical services at two primary schools in London.

Dairy Meadow Primary School is a community school in Southall, West London, with 461 students. East Acton Primary School is a community school also situated in West London, attended by 307 students.

Both facilities will benefit from a new lightning protection system, which will be installed by engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd.

PTSG has a large and growing portfolio of buildings in the education sector. Engineers are currently installing a lightning protection system to safeguard a new Muslim faith school in Harrow, which is part of the Hujjat School Trust. In the Midlands, the Group’s electrical engineers are upgrading the lightning protection system in place at Nottingham High School, a large independent fee-paying day school for boys and girls.

The Group also works in the higher education sector, installing and maintaining lightning protection systems as well as access and fall arrest systems and other high-level services at universities and student accommodation throughout the country.

Image: Pikist

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