Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has taken the initiative in preparation for a controlled return to work on Monday 27th April 2020. The Group has developed a unique online portal, enabling all its people to securely undergo a rigorous induction for new operating procedures and risk assessments in accordance with the latest Covid-19 guidelines.

The Group has been closely following advice from the government and Public Health England since the start of the outbreak in the UK, mobilising back office, administrative and management functions for home-working in mid-March, with all site work suspended shortly afterwards. While this was a difficult decision, it was taken because the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, customers and supply chain must come first.

Following a collaboration between the Construction Leadership Council (CLC), the government and Public Health England, a set of site operating procedures has now been developed to protect workers when they return to sites across the UK. In step with this development, PTSG has created a highly innovative and secure online portal to ensure all staff are prepared for the new procedures well ahead of the controlled return to work.

The portal has been designed so that each individual is briefed and prepared on procedures for their specialist service area, whether he/she is an engineer from one of PTSG’s four business divisions or works in a Group-wide capacity. An electronic sign-in enables their progress to be tracked, including the length of time they have spent reviewing the documentation. Only when this process is complete and a certificate has been issued, will they commence working.

PTSG is well known throughout the construction and FM sectors for obsessing on the health and safety of its people and everyone who comes into contact with its work. It’s an approach which was recently recognised with a RoSPA Gold Medal, signifying at least five consecutive Golds (eight in PTSG’s case).

Paul Teasdale, Chief Executive of PTSG, commented: “The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and there is no certainty as to how long it will take for life to return to normal. That’s why we monitor the situation continuously, especially advice and guidelines from the government and senior health officials. This has enabled us to be proactive in creating new working practices that we can brief through the new portal – an innovative system that has been developed by our in-house team.

“The controlled return on Monday 27th April means that we can continue to deliver work for our 20,000 customers across all four business divisions once more. We will carry on monitoring the situation closely and we will be proactive with regard to further steps, which will safeguard the wellbeing of everyone involved in our access and safety, electrical services, building access and fires solutions work.”

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