Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has secured a three-year lightning protection contract with Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions.

Responsible for maintaining and upgrading one of the largest corporate real estates in Europe, Royal Mail Property & Facilities Solutions owns over 2,600 sites. The company supports Royal Mail in being the biggest delivery company in the UK, delivering to 29 million addresses nationwide, six days a week.

The Group’s skilled engineers are due to visit approximately 350 properties over the next three years to service and maintain lightning protection systems. This maintenance work will ensure that the systems provide adequate protection to Royal Mail’s thousands of staff and the buildings they work in during lightning storms.

PTSG is the UK’s market leader for the installation, testing and maintenance of lightning protection systems. With teams nationwide, the company is well placed to service nationwide contracts like this one, and has worked on a number of noteworthy multi-site lightning protection contracts for clients including Historic Scotland, Debenhams and the NHS.

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