Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is currently managing the entire lightning protection systems portfolio of work for FirstPort Property Management Services, as well as a number of other specialist services.

FirstPort is the largest residential property manager in the UK, with a strong national presence, caring for over 185,000 properties. Earlier this month it was named one of the UK’s top employers, and PTSG is delighted to have the opportunity to provide multi-disciplinary services to ensure its buildings are safe and compliant for all users.

PTSG’s bundled service delivery is one aspect of its business that differentiates it from its competitors. An increasing number of clients contract one of the Group’s divisions to provide a specific service. This is often extended to include more services from the same division (e.g. fixed wire testing in addition to portable appliance testing) or other kinds of specialist services. Access & Testing, Electrical Services, Building Access Specialists and Fire Solutions are the Group’s four discrete business divisions that work in a complementary way to save clients the time and cost of finding multiple providers.

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