Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) has secured a contract to deliver specialist power earthing system for a brand-new Energy from Waste (EfW) facility.

TIRU, a French-based specialist company. The company will build and operate Scotland’s new £70 million Energy from Wastefacility at Binn Eco Park near Perth. The 8 MW facility will handle up to 85,000 tonnes each year. It will create more than 200 jobs during the construction phase. Another 30 long-term skilled posts will become available once operational, possibly by late 2024.

Binn Group, one of the country’s largest independent resource management operators. The Group will serve as the primary feedstock suppliers for the plant, which they will develop as part of the 200-acre Binn Eco Park site. Here a variety of low-carbon energy solutions are being developed including EfW, wind and solar power.

In this contract, engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd will supply, install, test and commission a new power earthing system for at the facility for main contractor CIDON. Power earthing system is the creation of an alternative path for flow or fault or excessive currents safely to ground. It is an integral part of any electrical system and essential in keeping both people and equipment safe.

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Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG), via constituent company HCS Water Treatment, has been contracted to deliver specialist services to support the University of St Andrews.