Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) has entered into a contract to provide multiple specialist services for the Co-operative Group.

The agreement was signed with main contractor Arcus, the facilities services provider based in Essex. PTSG will be delivering the testing and maintenance of lightning protection and fall arrest systems in place at a number of Co-operative’s Group’s centres of operation.

The two Groups – PTSG and Co-operative – began working together in 2014, when engineers from PTSG Electrical Services Ltd. performed portable appliance and fixed-wire testing at eight distribution centres. The following year, PTSG delivered the same services at over 600 large food stores, local stores and funeral service providers across the UK. As a result of the strong relationship built during this contract, PTSG Access & Safety Ltd. was commissioned to test fall arrest equipment at One Angel Square – one of the Co-operative’s major buildings based in Manchester.

Forming strong and sustainable relationships is key to PTSG’s success. Its bundled services provision means that the Group often begins by providing just one specialist service for a client. This can be extended to include further services in a multi-disciplinary contract which invariably saves both money and time, improving efficiency all round.

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