Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is working on a major high-level repair contract at Lincoln’s Waterside Shopping Centre.

Engineers from PTSG Building Access Specialists Ltd. are carrying out repairs to the façade render at the centre. They are skilled in a variety of access methods including rope access, steeplejack techniques, MEWPs and scaffolding, allowing vital improvements to be made to all parts of the building. Work began in 2018 and is ongoing. Waterside Shopping Centre is situated in the centre of Lincoln, by the River Witham. Opened in 1992, it continues to thrive and be a vital part of Lincoln’s economy.

PTSG has acquired a leading reputation in the UK for its ability to access building of all kinds in order to carry out a range of niche specialist services. In addition to high-level repairs, its engineers also undertake decoration, roof maintenance, signage and cleaning works to modern and historical buildings.

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