Premier Technical Services Group Ltd (PTSG) is to carry our specialist Access & Safety works at St Mary’s Hospital, one of the main treatment centres in the north-west area of Central London.

St Mary’s Hospital is the major acute hospital for north west London as well as a maternity centre with consultant and midwife-led services. The hospital provides care across a wide range of specialties and runs one of four major trauma centres in London in addition to its 24/7 A&E department.

The original block of St Mary’s Hospital in Norfolk Place was designed by Thomas Hopper in the classical style. It first opened its doors to patients in 1851, the last of the great voluntary hospitals to be founded.

PTSG’s Access & Safety engineers have been assigned to install and repair a range of fall arrest systems on the hospital’s Vascular and Audiology Centre, Mint Wing and Clarence Wing, ensuring maintenance operatives can continue to work safely and effectively when performing their work. Specific work includes:

• adapting old CAT ladders at the roof level of the hospital, making sure they confirm to current industry regulations;
• installing a new guard rail and step units; and
• performing remedial work to exiting steps and walkways.

Image: Commons Wikimedia

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