The extreme weather conditions in Scotland over the weekend have served as a stark reminder of why lightning protection systems are so important.

A domestic property in East Dumbartonshire was engulfed in flames on Saturday 9th June, following a lightning strike to the house’s roof. Fortunately no one was harmed, but the house has suffered considerable damage.

This incident highlights how important it is to take precautions against lightning strikes, no matter how unlikely they may seem. Domestic properties have several features that make them susceptible to strikes, such as antennas, satellite dishes and metal gutters.

Lightning strikes can cause varying degrees of damage, from damaging electrical equipment, to serious fires like this one. Lightning and surge protection save lives, time and money, and there are a wide range of options available to suit all properties.

Premier Technical Services Group PLC (PTSG) is the UK’s market-leading lightning protection company. The Group has been entrusted with the protection of thousands of sites – from famous landmarks to housing developments – across the country and overseas, and is a proud member of the Association of Technical Lightning & Access Specialists (ATLAS).

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