I am Andrew Dack, Group Sales Director for PTSG.

PTSG, through its bundled services, offers a genuine multi-disciplinary capability to clients. This often provides them with the complete specialist services solution, with the following benefits:

  • one single point of contact for all services;
  • a far more focused approach to the servicing of their assets, keeping their building(s) in first-class operational order;
  • associated cost savings; and
  • by offering a bundled service we are able to ensure compliance on all services provided by PTSG.

I am pleased to report the following new bundled services contracts:

  • PTSG has been awarded a contract to perform emergency lighting inspections, portable appliance testing, fixed wire testing and remedial works across 17 hotels owned and operated by Kew Green Hotels.
  • The Group has been awarded a contract by Serco PLC to perform portable appliance testing across 160 Covid test centres UK-wide. This contract has the potential to be expanded to a further 500 centres as the year progresses.
  • PTSG has been instructed to complete the installation of additional fall protection equipment at Butlins Minehead as an addition to our existing contract to deliver electrical and FAT inspections.
  • Bellrock has contracted PTSG to deliver specialist services across 90 St John’s Ambulance locations. The work will cover test and inspections of electrical fixed wiring, fall arrest equipment, chimney and emergency lighting
  • In a second multiple services contract, Bellrock has contracted with PTSG to deliver inspections of electrical assets, fall arrest equipment, emergency lighting and fire safety systems across 60 locations operated by Hertz.
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