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Roosting birds can cause huge problems to building owners including damage to buildings and health concerns for occupants.

We offer a range of bird control measures to suit any building and budget, each providing a tailored preventative solution to common unwanted roosting problems without causing any harm to birds or other wildlife.

Spikes can be used to prevent birds from landing on roofs, ledges, signs, or any other parts of buildings where they may want to nest. We also offer bird proofing wires as a cost-effective alternative to spikes, especially where the system to be installed would be a considerable length. Netting can be used for other locations such as the underside of roofs or canopies.

Other methods such as electric deterrents can be used on buildings with special requirements, such as those with historic facades to maintain or protect. These systems are invisible from street level and provide a humane yet effective solution.

Our specialist access teams are able to remove and repair a wide range of pest control systems, whether they are faulty or have been moved during construction or refurbishment work.

Our high-level cleaning teams also offer full building cleans to remove any fouling prior to the installation of a bird proofing system.


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