All buildings over a certain size require the services of access specialists who have the expertise to reach the difficult areas in order to undertake a range of cleaning services.

High level cleaning includes the specialist cleaning of windows, cladding, brickwork and masonry, gutters, fascia and roofs. A variety of techniques and access equipment are employed, each offering their own advantages. Abseil or rope access is arguably the most cost effective and safest of all techniques. PTSG’s operatives are all IRATA-trained rope access. With minimal time spent setting up, they can move laterally as well as up and down quickly and easily to reach all areas of a building’s façade.

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) offer another unobtrusive method for our highly-trained operatives to reach the heights of a building’s façade to carry out specialist cleaning jobs.

Reach and wash poles give operatives the capability of accessing hard-to-reach windows. They can be used at ground level, from a MEWPs or a fixed balcony to achieve a high level of finish.

PTSG’s directly-employed teams are highly experienced and accredited in the recognised techniques for accessing buildings. The health and safety of our operatives and everyone who comes into contact with our sites is always our priority. In 2020, PTSG was awarded a RoSPA Gold Medal signifying at least five consecutive RosPA Golds – in our case, that total is eight.

As well as the above techniques, we also have the option of adding ladders and scaffolding, when required, for a comprehensive repertoire of methods. Our work improves the appearance and enhances the economic life of buildings for clients in a wide range of sectors – even those of great historical value or significance.

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