PTSG completes protection works at Cheshire church following pigeon infestation

Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG) has completed a series of pest deterrent works on a Grade 2 listed church in Cheshire.

Working with pest control experts Rentokil, PTSG carried out cleaning on Saint Michael & All Angels Church in Middlewich as well installing protective netting to prevent Feral Pigeons landing and nesting in crevasses.

Ray Perrotte, managing director at PTSG High Level Cleaning, said: “Working at high level on a church is tricky because of the structure and uneven surfaces. That is where my team’s expertise came in.

“Throughout the works we had to ensure that we did not adversely affect the aesthetics of the church, and all had to be done with the church’s architects.

“Pigeons have long been using various aspects of the building as vantage points and previously nesting and roosting in the bell tower. This has meant the birds have displaced onto the wooden slats therefore leading to fouling amounting on the areas directly below including public walk ways and entrances.

“The works were carried out over three days and completed on time and to the customer’s needs.”

The level of fouling present was unsightly and a potential slip hazard. Bird fouling also contains many bacteria and insects which are harmful to humans.

Following an inspection at the site, PTSG and Rentokil were contracted to treat all bulk bird fouling and related materials with biocide, to render it inert as well to install safeguards such as bird netting.

A full list of the works completed is below.

Bell Tower Louver slats

In order to fit the netting, steel fixings at every corner and at 500mm intervals in between were installed.

The corner fixings act as the straining points for the system whilst intermediate fixings in between guide the wires thus holding them as close to the perimeter as possible preventing gaps appearing which would allow birds access inside the net.

Wires were then run through the fixings and secured using wire tensioners. The net was then placed onto the wires and secured using steel rings at every point where the wire and net intersects – this holds the net to the wires and encloses the affected area.

Access points were also installed to allow for future maintenance if required.

Arch Windows, tracing and ledges

AviGo is a non-toxic clear food grade gel. It works by moving birds on by causing a temporary irritation, making it uncomfortable for them to remain in the area that has been treated.

The gel can create a sensory reaction so intense that even the strong homing instincts of birds can be overcome, reducing the risks of them returning to established roosting areas.

It generally takes seven days for the gel to affect a resident population due to their current behaviour and attraction to the site. The gel was applied in rows along the affected area. The system was then checked for faults.

There has been a church on the site since the middle of the twelfth century, but the only remains of that building are the two easternmost pillars on each side of the nave, which show very clearly the transition from Norman to early English style.

The chancel and the nave were rebuilt in the early fourteenth century, so the church is mainly perpendicular in style. The fine carved capitals of the octagonal nave piers are considered particular worthy of note.

The tower, the nave clerestory, the two storey porch and the Lady Chapel at the east end of the south aisle were all added in the fifteenth century. While the Bostock (otherwise known as the Kinderton) Chapel was built by Baron Kinderton in the sixteenth century.

The timber roof of the chancel was originally built by Sir William Brereton in 1621 and then replaced by a new copy of the original design in 1951.



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