Heathrow Terminal 5

Background: PTSG was commissioned by Heathrow maintenance contractor, Carillion, to upgrade eight monorail-based cleaning systems on the Terminal 5 building.

Results: Used by 28.1 million passengers every year, Heathrow’s iconic Terminal 5 is one of London’s busiest buildings. The largest free-standing building in the UK, its glass facades are cleaned using eight monorail-based cleaning cradles. Maintenance contractor, Carillion, commissioned PTSG to remove, overhaul and replace all eight systems and provide all necessary re-commissioning work and insurance checks.

The location, at one of the world’s busiest airport terminals, placed a number of constraints on the work. To avoid peak passenger times, work could only take place in the early mornings between 1am and 4am; and because of the location of the equipment in high-security areas, only BAA-certified engineers were permitted to carry out the work.

With such a small time window in which to work, PTSG back room staff played a key role in providing clear and concise instructions to engineers, arranging permits and carrying out risk assessments in advance. Despite these challenges, the project was successfully completed within three weeks.

The fourth emergency service

Background: When lightning protection had to be upgraded at West Suffolk Hospital, PTSG was able to complete the work to a tight deadline.

Results: After PTSG’s Dereham office secured a contract worth £125,000 to retrofit lightning protection on behalf of West Suffolk Hospital, a PTSG team was able to get to work immediately.

And, with the first stage of the major installation already under way, plans are already advanced to begin phase 2 later in the year.

Andrew Dack, Managing Director, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, said: “When we were challenged to provide this major retrofit, our engineers were able to begin work straight away.

“Despite the fact that there has been an awful lot of work to do in a short time, PTSG has managed the project efficiently, delivering results on time and on budget.”

Tall order makes bank statement

Background: To replace existing window cleaning cradle that was no longer in use at one of Royal Bank of Scotland’s central London offices.

Results: Royal Bank of Scotland’s landmark offices at 135 Bishopsgate were starting to show signs of fatigue due to non-functioning window cleaning equipment, when PTSG was approached to provide a solution. PTSG is the maintenance provider for the banking group through its network of FM clients and has carried out similar work for RBS at its offices in Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

On the face of it, it was a relatively straightforward task. But the location of the building, in one of the busiest parts of the capital close to Liverpool Street station, and the specification of an appropriate replacement for the 4-tonne machine required detailed control of planning and logistics.

After verifying that the existing structure and rail track were suitable for the new machine, PTSG specialists worked closely with design partners Atech to ensure that the new equipment fitted the building’s load specifications and performance requirements.

The installation itself required precise, to-the-minute planning to ensure that the new machine would be in place in the very small time window available. The small, multi-disciplinary team worked under spot lights through the early hours of a Sunday morning to ensure that the required road and walkway closures were in place before a mobile crane removed the existing equipment and installed the new one.

The lifting operations were completed by 9am with an hour to spare.

Karl Greenfield, PTSG installations director, suspended access, said: “The customer was very pleased with the professional way we delivered this installation with a very small but dedicated team.

“We see retrofitting Building Maintenance Units as one of our specialist areas. We can manage the whole package, from design and consultation to the installation itself, with the minimum inconvenience to customers.”

Building great relationships down the line

Background: BAM has appointed PTSG to carry out installation of all lightning and surge protection as part of a major regeneration programme around King’s Cross station in North London.

Results: In a contract worth £100,000, PTSG is providing lightning protection as part of a £170m project to design, construct, extend and renovate the Victorian Eastern Goods Yard complex at King’s Cross.

Working in close partnership with BAM, PTSG engineers and back office staff have stuck to a strict build schedule by carrying out a coordinated programme of lightning protection.

The deal, which has brought in a further £200,000 of orders, is a result of careful relationship building between the two companies.

Andrew Dack, Managing Director, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, said: “We have an excellent relationship with BAM and are on the preferred contractor list.

“BAM totally trust us because of the competency of our engineers and the way we service their needs on a day-to-day basis.”

Programmers give cleaning arm new muscle

Background: PTSG repaired and reconditioned complex window cleaning equipment that had been out of service for two years.

Results: With its iconic design, the head office of AIG Inc. at the heart of the City of London, is one of the capital’s highest profile addresses. But a problem with its 20m knuckle-jibbed boom meant that cleaning could no longer take place on some of its windows. Manufactured in New Zealand, the faulty cleaning arm had frustrated all attempts at repair until PTSG was called in.

The engineering team quickly diagnosed a problem with its electrical circuitry and computer programming. As replacement parts and software were unavailable, PTSG started from scratch, rebuilding and replacing the programmes with a bespoke solution capable of being maintained and repaired, if need be, at a later date. Commissioning and insurance testing was carried out and the machinery, which had lain idle for two years, was up and running again within two weeks.

Scott Hawtrey, Southern Director, Access and Safety, said: “The successful completion of this project shows our technical ability and flexibility. We’re the only player in the industry with our own specialist Pro-logic programmers. It mean that our engineers were able to tell the programmer exactly what they wanted and solve a seemingly intractable problem in under two weeks.”

Mastering network safety

Background: Mobile phone network EE has appointed PTSG to carry out lightning and surge protection on its national network of masts.

Results: PTSG has secured a £50,000 contract to repair, install and carry out secured test inspection on lightning and surge equipment on EE mobile phone masts. Offering the full package, including design, supply of materials and installation by qualified engineers, PTSG is working closely with the mobile firm’s maintenance contractor, Norland, to provide a nationwide service.

The work presents several logistical challenges, including compliance with EE’s planned maintenance schedule and having a team on hand to carry out the work as new infrastructure is installed.

Andrew Dack, Managing Director, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, said: “The success of this contract is down to the relationship our sales team has formed with Norland.

“We’ve been able to show them the benefits of working with a group that offers flexibility and a comprehensive service with genuine nationwide reach.”

RAF calls, PTSG scrambles

Background: When the RAF needed protection from lightning for two of its key bases in the East of England, PTSG was ready for action.

Results: Aircraft hangars and bomb dumps at RAF Marham and RAF Conningsby were among the assets that had to be safeguarded as part of a £400,000 contract to upgrade lightning protection on both airfields.

The project created challenges with bombs having to be moved from one site to another as PTSG engineers went about their work. Working with back office staff, the teams also ensured that communications were maintained with all the project partners and that all the necessary inductions were carried out and permits obtained. .

Andrew Dack, Managing Director, PTSG Electrical Services Ltd, said: “PTSG’s expertise from managing the protocols for each base to having the right engineers to do the work is key for giving customers the confidence to award such prestigious projects.”